Back in the World (of Warcraft) feat. Ember Isolte

by Space Bards

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Aikho Because I too am back in the World of Warcraft.
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A head-banging tale about what happens when you return to the World of Warcraft.


VERSE 1 - Dan Span
One fine mornin' I open up my Gmail
Blizzard sent me at least three emails
Beggin' me to come back, 7 days free
Well guess I'm coming back to... WOW
Here I'm thinkin' I'mma have to wait a full
Day for the game but it's saying that it's playable
Holding my breath I might need a ventilator
Hey, Ma! Where the hell is my authenticator!?
Log in it's pandemonium, pandas runnin' rampant
Am I the only one who thinks it's kinda random for a new race?
But I'm quite the fan of them after a few days
Sun coming up but I'm not done
Gonna summon someone to run one more dungeon
I'm back Azeroth it's me and I got this in the bag like I pressed shift-B

CHORUS - Dom John
I'm back in the World of Warcraft
Been gone for so long, now I'm back

VERSE 2 - Dan Span
Guild invite? I'll show you where to stick it
Killing everything 'til I hear nothin' but the crickets
I should sell tickets if you wanna witness
Got it on lock not a rogue that can pick it
Playing so much it's like a sickness
Ain't no other way I gotta get my fix, it's on like a flicked switch
Just got six crits, add Mists to my Christmas wishlist
Wanna PVP? Yo you should never dare me
Players like me are rare? Nah, legendary
Whether I'm a scary orc or a jolly dwarf
Got you feelin' sheepish like you were polymorphed
Duel me and your toon got murdered
Slammed so hard he landed on another server
Give it up this'll be your last chance
I'll be drinking in the tavern and typing "/dance"

BRIDGE - Ember Isolte
Hey, let's go catch Battle pets
And play all our alts with pride.
New achievements and all your mounts
Are now available account wide.
Join the Tillers, own a farm, and become a Master Chef!
So, let's party! Baby, WELCOME BACK!!!

I'm back in the World of Warcraft
Been gone for so long, now I'm back
I'm back in the World of Warcraft
Been gone for so long, now I'm back
(I'm back in the World of Warcraft)


released September 26, 2013
Tracked, Mixed, and Mastered at Four Legs Records.



all rights reserved


Space Bards New York, New York

Space Bards consists of lifelong troublemakers, Dom John and Dan Span.

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